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A twisty maze of little projects…

A collection of open source software projects, writings and other things by John Lane.

A freelance technology consultant and writer, John is an avid user of open-source software and occasionally likes to give something back. He publishes his various software projects and writings here.


John maintains a number of open source projects, some of which are described below.

See all of John's projects published on GitHub.

John also maintains a few packages for Arch Linux in the Arch User Repository.

For any project-related updates, see the news page.


John regularly writes for Linux Voice and Linux Format magazines, having published a number of articles.

If he has anything else worth saying, he may blog it.

Other contributions

John participates in a number of online forums

Some bugs raised

Enhancements proposed to other open-source projects


To contact John, send email or Jabber/XMPP to john-at-lane-dot-uk-dot-net. You can @followjohnlane on Twitter.